About Us

Inzinc Products and Services is a leading multi-business Organization with passion to deliver Quality products and services to our esteemed customers Worldwide.

Our Seven Core Values

Inzinc Core Values

The foundation of Inzinc Products and Services are based on the 7 core values. These values are Teamwork, Professionalism, Excellence, Passion, Dedication, Respect and Transparency.

Our four divisions namely Inzinc Consulting India, Inzinc Training Solutions, Inzinc Analytics and Inzinc Product Solutions follow the below mentioned Core Values, Vision and Mission

Our Vision Statement

Inzinc Products and Services aspires to be a trusted, responsive, flexible, respected and professional Products and Services Organization known to deliver excellence. We shall strive to provide value-added Products and Services to delight our customers. And in this way, we shall build a long-term enduring relationship with them.

Our Mission Statement

Inzinc Products and Services achieves its vision by following Mission points:

  • Provide the Best quality Products and Services that satisfies the requirements of our customers.
  • Build and retain a richly qualified, knowledgeable and passionate team of professionals who add value and deliver results.
  • Embed a collaborative culture that is conducive to grow on professional and personal fronts and,
  • Create a learning environment to enhance the knowledge of our team.

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