Welding process is a common process used in most of the engineering industries in the World. If you are a Welder, supervisor or a manager, be aware of the welding safety hazards and the precautions that should take in order to avoid related occupational workplace incidents. This blog on welding safety hazards and precautions talks about the common hazards in welding and ways to prevent them. And, this blog is not exhaustive by any means,

The below Factories act 1948 frequently asked questions or FAQ are given below to help the act readers get answers to their common queries regarding the Factories act 1948 of India.     What is factories act 1948? The Factories Act, 1948 formed as Act No. 63 of 1948 is one of the important National legislation in India regarding Industrial safety and health applied to factories in India. It is administered by the Ministry of Labour

We have heard a lot in the recent years about organizations and general public getting conned and enticed into giving out sensitive information. Unscrupulous persons posing as bankers or insurance agents have successfully extorted information and then money from naive people who just do not know what needs to be done in that situation and become victims.  In security terms, Social engineering is set of techniques that influence or manipulate persons to divulge information that

Data protection is the key aspect of information security in an Organization. The intention of data protection is to protect data from being available to unauthorized users. Data protection can be achieved successfully not only by technical controls but also by appropriate user awareness and responsible actions. This blog lists few data protection tips for Organizations in the form of do’s and don’ts that can be used to improve information security awareness and performance. Throughout

Many major Industrial fire accidents have happened in India and the World resulting in loss of life and property along with burns and injuries to the personnel present in the organizational premises. So, How to prevent fire in the workplace ? Preventing fire incidents at workplaces take huge efforts not only from the Safety and Health committee of the Organization but also from everyone in the Workplace. This blogs gives an overview of the different