OHS Legislation in India

Occupational Health and Safety – OHS Legislation in India This article provides the list of OHS legislation in India for the benefit of Offices and Industries. The Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India has framed various acts and rules related to occupational health and safety applicable in India. It is important for professionals and organisations to know these acts and rules and implement them at their workplaces to be compliant with the laws. 

The key for the success of the information security management system rests not just on the documented policies and procedures, but also on the acceptable behaviour of the employees while doing work. We have compiled the below Information Security Dos and Don’ts for employees that needs to be followed for acceptable behaviour and use of Organizational assets.     Dos and Don’ts for Physical Security Do carry your ID card at all times while entering work

By Sudhir G K, Information Security and Management Consultant, Inzinc Consulting India With the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic spreading like wildfire across the globe, the World order has changed and the Businesses have started adapting to new strategies. More specifically, if we speak about Information security related Business strategies, one of the foremost is that of “Work from home”. Working from home is not a new strategy altogether. It has been there around from quite

Quality Management are set of best management practices to ensure that an organization produces products or deliver services with a consistent desired quality level to meet or exceed the Customer requirements.  Managing Organization and its processes for Quality is vital if the Organization has to meet or exceed the Customer requirements or meet or exceed its Organizational goals / objectives. Quality management focuses on four main areas: Quality Planning: Quality planning ensures setting measurable Quality objectives,

What are Quality Costs ?

What are Quality Costs

Quality Costs Quality costs or Cost of Quality (COQ) are the costs associated with the Quality related efforts by Organizational personnel. Every Organization puts a certain level of effort in maintaining the Quality level that it claims for its products and services or that meet the expectations of its Customers. These costs are called Quality Costs. An American Quality Control expert called Armand V. Feigenbaum first introduced this concept of cost of Quality in the year 1956