What are Quality Costs ?

What are Quality Costs

Quality Costs Quality costs or Cost of Quality (COQ) are the costs associated with the Quality related efforts by Organizational personnel. Every Organization puts a certain level of effort in maintaining the Quality level that it claims for its products and services or that meet the expectations of its Customers. These costs are called Quality Costs. An American Quality Control expert called Armand V. Feigenbaum first introduced this concept of cost of Quality in the year 1956

What is a Quality Circle ?

Definition What is a Quality Circle? A Quality circle is a proven collaborative technique of solving work related issues in an Organization. It is a group of employees performing similar work who voluntarily meet on a regular basis to identify, analyze and resolve work issues and problems. Brief History of Quality circles After the World War II ended in the year 1945, the economy of Japan was devastated and its then Government took a vow